Pres Solih affirms commitment to MDP's role as a strong opposition

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said the current main-ruling MAldivian Demoratic Party (MDP) will serve as a robust opposition party to hold President-Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu accountable.

Speaking to the press on Monday afternoon, President Solih said there is much to be done to strengthen the country's democratic principles. He said the MDP is committed to being a strong opposition to achieve this, affirming that he, too, would remain with the MDP after completing his term.

President Solih said would not leave the political arena just yet, as he had previously also affirmed that he would retire after a second term in office.

The President, a long-time parliament member before being elected president, said he would not contest the parliamentary elections again. He said his top priority would be to reunite the MDP and strengthen it, and he would decide on his political future after that.

Alongside the MDP leadership, I will work in the opposition party to strengthen it. I would not stand by and watch the MDP weaken and fall apart," President Solih asserted.

Regarding Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who recently left the MDP to join The Democrats, expressing interest in re-joining the MDP, President Solih said the decision rests with the MDP. He stated that no individual is indispensable to the MDP, emphasizing that recent victories have demonstrated this.