Nation's independence and sovereignty are non-negotiable: Dr. Muizzu

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, has emphasized that the nation's independence and sovereignty are non-negotiable and reiterated his unwavering commitment to preserve them.

Speaking at an event held to inaugurate a campaign station in Maafannu West, Male', on Monday, Muizzu said despite attempts by the government to conceal Indian military personnel's presence in the Maldives, their presence is increasingly apparent. Noting that the country's independence and sovereignty cannot be toyed with, Dr. Muizzu said his government would give top priority to maintaining the Maldives' independence through a sound foreign policy.

Regarding housing, Dr. Muizzu pledged to reclaim the necessary land from the Male' City area within the first year of his presidency. He also committed to ensuring that individuals allocated land through the current government's last-minute landowner initiative receive their plots. Additionally, he revealed his aspiration to enable every Maldivian to become a homeowner.

The presidential hopeful further outlined plans to empower citizens through modern technology and make them self-sufficient. He also accused the incumbent government of taking credit for many of former President Abdulla Yameen's initiatives. Dr. Muizzu emphasized his commitment to pursuing achievable goals, unlike the present administration's approach of making unattainable promises.

Criticizing the government for not cooperating with the Male' City Council to modernize the roads in the city, Dr. Muizzu highlighted an agreement with the council to construct over 100 city roads that was canceled by the government. He criticized the government for failing to complete Ameenee Magu reconstruction even by the end of the term, and assured that if he is elected, he will develop all the roads in the city and give priority to develop the roads in all the cities of the Maldives. He further assured that his government would prioritize honesty and sincerity in serving the people if he assumed office.