MDP launches 'Attack Mode' strategy for second round

The MDP has shifted into “attack mode” as it is fully prepared for the second round of the presidential election, the party's presidential candidate and incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said.

In the initial round of the presidential election, the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, emerged as the leading contender with 46 percent of votes, while President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih placed second with 39 percent. As no candidate could secure the 50 percent majority required for a single-round victory, a second round of voting has been confirmed for September 30, where Muizzu and President Solih would go head to head.

Drawing a sports analogy at a campaign rally held Saturday night, President Solih expressed high confidence in securing victory in the second round of the presidential election with a "5-2 score". He acknowledged errors made in the first round and emphasized the importance of ensuring that the re-registration process for the second round is conducted properly. He outlined their strategy, stating that the party would go door-to-door as their next step, in a bid for a grassroots outreach to convey to the people the potential ramifications if MDP were to lose the election.

"At half-time, we regrouped and strategized, making changes in player positions, bringing in those with more stamina. Now, we're on the offensive, on the attack. With faith in God, we're ready to take shots, one goal after another," he declared enthusiastically.

President Solih also criticized some pledges made by his rival candidate, PNC-PPM's Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. He questioned whether Muizzu's pledges to double the salaries of the police and MNDF personnel and reduce the rents charged on SOE-built flats were achievable.

"How can a country on the verge of bankruptcy achieve this? On one hand, they say we have financial troubles, yet they propose doubling the salaries of multiple institutions and reducing rents for leased properties. Is this realistically achievable? We must scrutinize these promises and bear them in mind," he said.

The President added that the campaign for the second round of the presidential election has been well organized, expressing confidence in winning the election by a large margin. He was pleased to have individuals who played pivotal roles in MDP's formation join him in the campaign, he said.

"We're in it like a game, where the first half doesn't define the outcome. Sometimes, we may trail in the first half, but the game isn't over. In this analogy, we're currently at a 3-1 score. InshaAllah, we will catch up to them and add two more goals in the second half, securing victory at 5-1," President Solih declared with determination.