National Ambulance Service launches in Male' City

The National Ambulance Service has been introduced in the Male' area as part of the government's efforts to expand and strengthen health services.

The national ambulance service was inaugurated by Health Minister Ahmed Naseem at a ceremony held at the Republic Square on Wednesday evening.

The service features a 24-hour call center operating within the Malé area, reachable via the emergency hotline number "100".

The main objective of introducing this service is to promptly attend to medical emergencies and accidents and provide pre-hospital care until the patient is taken to a health care facility and to do the necessary work to save the patient's life.

The Health Ministry will coordinate with the National Ambulance Service and hospitals in the Malé region to give the service. Major hospitals and relevant institutions within Male' area will participate in providing this service. Although the service is currently limited to Male' City, it will be expanded across Maldives in the future.