MDP declares it would not accept Muizzu's inauguration with Nasheed as Speaker

The main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has said it would not recognize President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's inauguration if current Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed remains in his position.

The MDP initiated a vote of no confidence against Nasheed on October 9, gaining the support of 49 MDP MPs. Nasheed and other MPs were officially notified of the motion on October 12. While the motion has been scheduled for discussion in the upcoming parliamentary session, the MDP Parliamentary Group announced a three-line whip during their Wednesday meeting,

Speaking to reporters, MDP PG leader, Hithadhoo North MP Mohamed Aslam, stressed the need to remove Nasheed before proceeding with any parliamentary business. The MDP decided that they would not accept Dr. Muizzu's inauguration in November unless Nasheed were removed. They also made it clear that they would not approve Muizzu's cabinet without Nasheed's impeachment.

Addu Meedhoo MP and President of MDP's Women's Wing Rozaina Adam expressed her belief that parliamentary proceedings could not proceed under the current regulations until Nasheed's no-confidence motion was resolved. Therefore, it was crucial to conclude Nasheed's case before the President-elect's swearing-in. she said.

"Even if he takes oath in an illegal session and presents the cabinet, we will not allow that," Rozaina said.

MDP MPs have accused Nasheed and Deputy-Speaker Eva Abdulla of attempting to delay the no-confidence motion, suggesting that Eva, as the Deputy-Speaker, may not attend the Tuesday session she is supposed to preside over. Nasheed and Eva also plan to hold general sessions on Monday, according to MDP.