Talks ongoing with India on removal of Indian troops in the Maldives: Dr. Muizzu

Discussions are underway with India to withdraw its military personnel in the Maldives, President-Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said. He revealed this in an interview with Bloomberg TV,

The President-elect said the presence of foreign troops in the Maldives raises questions about the Maldives' sovereignty. He said the presence of Indian military personnel in the Maldives is a matter that the country's people find concerning.

“The talks with the Indian High Commission to withdraw the Indian troops are positive at this time,” he said.

Dr. Muizzu denied allegations of close ties to India's rival, China, and underscored his commitment to maintaining equitable relations with all countries. Furthermore, he assured that the Maldives would not become entangled in the conflicts of major global powers.

Addressing issues of religious extremists and terrorists, Dr. Muizzu said the issue is faced globally. He said he intends to combat the issue in the Maldives through educating people on the peaceful ways of Islam.

Speaking on the issue of an independent Palestinian state, Muizzu said the Maldives would always remain with Palestine and would provide all necessary assistance and cooperation.

The withdrawal of foreign troops from the Maldives was a key presidential promise made by Dr. Muizzu during his election campaign.