JP delegation meets with PNC leadership

A team of senior Jumhooree Party 9(JP) leaders has met with leadership figures of the Peoples' National Congress of the PPM-PNC coalition. The meeting occurred in the aftermath of former President Abdulla Yameen's exit from the PPM to establish a new political party.

The meeting took place on Saturday night at President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's private residence, M. Dhimyaath. President Dr. Muizzu led the PNC representation at the meeting, accompanied by his Advisor and PNC's Chairperson Abdul Raheem Abdulla, Local Government Minister Adam Shareef, Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer, Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed, Felidhoo MP Fazul Rasheed, and Ministers at the President's Office, Adam Rameez and Abdulla Naseer.

The JP team was led by former Transport Minister and JP Deputy Leader Aishath Nahla. The delegation also included Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain, JP Secretary General and former Home Minister Abdullah Azleen, former Vilimale MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, and former Vilifushi MP Riyaz Rasheed.

JP Spokesperson Ali Solih said the meeting was held to discuss the upcoming parliamentary elections, following a decision made during the JP council meeting.

"Further details of the discussions cannot be disclosed at this time. More updates will be shared later," he said.

PNC has not yet commented on the meeting.

In the second round of the presidential election, when Dr. Muizzu faced off against then-President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, JP refrained from endorsing either candidate.