Maldives Pres urges concrete action and financial strengthening at COP28 Summit

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed frustration over the lack of tangible outcomes from discussions at previous COP Summits.

Speaking at the COP28 Summit, his first international summit, President Dr. Muizzu said discussions and talks have been held for years at the world's largest environmental summit without fruitful results. He emphasized the urgency for immediate action, stating that the Maldives cannot afford to stand by while climate change continues to inflict damage.

In his speech, President Dr. Muizzu called to strengthen the Loss and Damage Fund, meant to compensate countries dealing with the effects of climate change and expedite its delivery.

"We need habitable ecosystems to support our lives and livelihoods. To rebuild them from rapid and slow onset events that damage them. We hope the Fund will be fit for purpose and easily accessible to those who need it the most," he said.

Addressing world leaders, President Dr. Muizzu outlined the Maldives’ expectations for COP28, emphasizing the importance of the Global Stocktake committing to a strategy that corrects the course towards a 1.5-degree trajectory in accordance with the Paris Agreement. Along with recognizing the need to bridge the climate funding gap and emphasizing that it must be founded on equity and the best available science, the President also highlighted the need for improved accessibility and revised assessment criteria.

President Dr Muizzu declared the government's commitment to developing renewable energy systems capable of providing 33 percent of the nation's electrical needs within the next five years. He also noted that the current figure stands at 4 percent and that Maldives aspires to generate a minimum of 600 million dollars to achieve the future goal, calling for the world’s support in this endeavor.