Maldives seeks explanation from India regarding naval boarding of fishing boats in EEZ

The Maldives government has formally requested that the Indian government provide a written explanation for the recent incident involving Indian troops boarding a Maldivian fishing boat within the Maldives' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The incident took place last Wednesday when an Indian navy vessel approached and boarded the "Asurumaa 3," an ADh Mahibadhoo fishing vessel engaged in fishing activities within Maldivian territory. Crew members were reportedly threatened during the encounter. The Indian navy also boarded two other Maldivian vessels, "Niru 7" and "Maahoara 3" the same day.

A senior government official confirmed on Friday that the Maldives government has officially asked for clarification on the matter. However, it is not clear when the Indian government was asked for an explanation.

"We need to take further action in this matter but we will do so only when the reasons for this incident are clear. Therefore, we have formally requested clarification," he said.

The official added that the next steps to be taken will be shared once India responds to the Maldives' inquiry.