MDP aims for atleast 65 seats in upcoming parliamentary elections

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will win at least 65 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the party's Chairman Fayyaz Ismail said today.

Submitting MDP candidates' forms to the Elections Commission, Fayyaz said MDP will attempt to win as many seats as possible.

“We will try to win a number equal to or better than the 2019 Parliament,” Fayyaz said.

The current 19th parliamentary elections saw the MDP win a supermajority of 65 seats. The number has since dropped to 42.

Fayyaz said the people are well aware of the government's propagation of falsehood, which in turn has caused the people to lose hope in the government.
The government is going back on its promises and the people have doubts about the government's ability, he said.

The parliamentary election will be held after the holy month of Ramadan.