Pres Dr. Muizzu unveils plan to add 6,000 beds to boost Addu tourism

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said that the coastal tourism project will add 6,000 beds to Addu City and revolutionize the city's economic landscape. The president made the statement while addressing the residents of Hulhumeedhoo island Monday morning during his ongoing visit to Addu City.

The President highlighted government initiatives aimed at the development of Addu City, including the construction of a bridge linking Hithadhoo island and Hulhumeedhoo island. Additionally, the government has plans to enhance tourism in Addu City, he said.

The President said the coastal tourism project will be pivotal to promoting tourism in Addu City. He said the project will create numerous opportunities within the tourism sector for the city.

The president also shared plans to establish a seaplane hub at Addu City's Gan International Airport to link the airport to southern atolls.

“That will make a significant difference to tourism in the region,” he said.

A five-year master plan for the tourism sector is being prepared by CDE Consulting.