Pres Dr. Muizzu unveils ambitious island council offices project

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced that a major project to establish Islamic council offices in 50 islands will be commenced soon.

While addressing the residents of HDh. Makunudhoo today, President Dr. Muizzu extended Decentralization Day greetings, marked today, to all councilors and women's development committee members.

In his address, the president said the reconstruction of island council offices would be carried out in phases. While 50 offices will be constructed under Phase I, the project would be carried out under an investor finance model, he said.

The president further said when selecting the 50 islands, priority would be given to islands where council offices face significant dilapidation and space constraints. The project will be implemented simultaneously across the 50 islands, he said.

"I want to ensure the decentralization system functions as intended, bringing governance closer to the people," he said.

During the address, the president also said he would extend the runway of Makunudhoo's proposed airport to 1800 meters. The island's land reclamation project will bring development to the entire island, he said, while also emphasizing the significance of road development in facilitating overall island development.

The president is currently touring some islands of Haa Alif, Haa Dhaalu, Shaviyani, and Noonu Atoll.