Over 600 ballot boxes to be set up for parliamentary election

A total of 602 ballot boxes will be set up for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Elections Commission (EC) has said.

The EC had earlier decided to set up 608 ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections. However, the final number of ballot boxes was determined after the completion of the re-registration process, and the initial number was amended to 602 accordingly.

According to the EC, 181 polling stations will be set up in Male', 51 in Hulhumale', and nine in Villimale'. Additionally, 319 boxes will be set up in the atolls, 34 in resorts, five in correctional facilities, and three abroad.

Ballot boxes will be set up in countries where more than 150 Maldivians are re-registered to vote in these countries. They are Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia. The resorts where the ballot boxes will be placed have more than 30 re-registered employees.

The parliamentary elections will be held on April 21.