Pres Dr. Muizzu vows intensified action following PNC's election triumph

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said the ruling Peoples National Congress (PNC)'s resounding victory in the parliamentary election will prompt action around the clock to produce tangible results.

PNC secured a comfortable supermajority in Sunday's parliamentary election, clinching 66 seats in the Parliament. The total government-align seats add up to 74 including party and independent candidates endorsed by the government.

At a celebration rally held at the Artificial Beach on Monday night, President Dr. Muizzu said the election's outcome shows the extent to which the people want to ensure the country's independence and decide their own affairs. The results show that the people want to establish peace and stability in the country and improve the economy.

The President said that with the trust and support of the people, all entities must work together with the same determination to deliver results swiftly. The speed of the work to produce results will be multiplied manifold, he said.

President Dr. Muizzu emphasized the imperative of tireless dedication to achieving the developmental aspirations for the country.

"I want to tell my cabinet ministers and government officials that from now, they must work around the clock. I am not joking. I want to bring about the development that the people want," he said.

The president further assured that the housing issue plaguing the country would be solved and that the government would meet the people's needs without discriminating between any citizen or island.