Europe market surges with UK arrivals

Last month EU market bumped by 8.4 percent
UK visitors rose by 19 percent
Total tourist arrivals increased by 2.4 percent

Last month a surge in tourist arrivals from United Kingdom, pushed a surge in the European market.

Statistics published on last month's tourist arrivals show that 63,882 visitors were from Europe. This is an 8.4 percent jump from last year March, when the figure was at 58,918. Europe accounted for 55 percent of arrivals in the period. As per statistics, 179,943 tourists visited the country so far this year. Last year, 166,188 tourists visited in the January - March window. Based on these figures, this year has recorded an 8.3 percent bump in arrivals.

Tourists from United Kingdom accounted for the highest number of arrivals last month, with 11,095 arrivals ,a 19.9 percent compared to the same period last year. Last year, the arrivals was at 9,256.

Russain tourists also increased last month, compared to last years' figures. Last March 4,461 tourists from Russia visited. This is a 10.2 percent increase in figures compared to the same period last year, when 4,048 tourists visited. German market also saw an 8.7 percent rise in arrivals. 13,268 visited in March this year, while 12,203 visited last year March.

In spite of an overall surge in the European market, the Italian market had dipped. Last month, 9,086 tourists had visited from the country, but last year figures for the same period show 9,725 Italian visitors. The China market had also decreased by 13 percent.

Tourism Ministry says last month, a total of 115, 131 tourists had visited Maldives. Compared to last year March figures of 112,427 arrivals, this is a 2.4 percent increase in arrivals.