FAM Election

FAM to hold elections on May 28

FAM today has passed both its charter and to hold the elections on May 28.

The charter was passed in the congress held today in Dharubaaruge with the unanimous vote of 13 clubs, with three revisions.

The first revision says that in the event the FAM is abolished, the funds and assets of FAM will be disbursed to either Sports Commission, Olympic Committee or an NGO. The second revision says that an election will be held within 20 days from tomorrow. The third revision formally adopted the passed charter from today onward.

FAM Normalization Committee Chair Bassaam Ali Jaleel said they had requested to hold the elections within the 20 day period, as the Maldives faced suspension from FIFA if the elections were not held before May 30.

"The charter normally calls to hold elections within 30 days after the charter is adopted. But these are extra ordinary circumstances, we cannot afford to give such a period. We put in a request to hold the elections in the 20 day period," Bassaam said.

Eagles Vice Chairman Ahmed Thoriq had requested to hold the elections within 15 day. Bassaam noted that FIFA had requested for a 20 day period to conduct elections and that time has to be given for the appeal and other elections related procedures.

FAM had initially planned to conduct the elections in last October. However, due to lack of state support, the elections had been postponed for three times. Due to this FIFA had ordered to hold the elections before the end of this month or face suspension from the Association indefinitely.