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Will not have to pay 33k for new flats: Dr. Muizz

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizz has said that prospective owners of flats in Gaakoshi and Arabiyyaa will not have to pay MVR 33000 per month.

Housing Ministry previously said the applicants under the Veshifahi housing program will have to pay between MVR 7000 and MVR 9000 per month. However, three years had passed following the handing over of letters to the applicants and in that time cost of construction had risen.

Speaking to Avas today, Minister Muizz said residents of the TATA flats would not have to spend MVR 33000 as rent per month. He added that the Government had said the Government had to pay back the MVR 2 million loan in five years and at the convenience of the residents.

"The Government did not say that MVR 33000 had to be paid every month. This is a misrepresentation of facts especially by the opposition. We had not dictated that they have to pay MVR 33000 as rent, we're saying we have five years to payback MVR 2 million loan. The amount to pay is at the discretion of the flat owner," he said.

198 housing units were constructed in Gaakoshi, while 90 housing units were constructed in Arabiyyaa.