Pres-Elect's Office urges postponement of Gedhoruveriyaa flat allocation

The Office of President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has called on the outgoing government to delay the allocation of flats under the Gedhoruveriyaa Housing Scheme.

The government on Sunday publicized the list of Gedhoruveriyaa flat recipients for 4,000 two and three-bedroom units developed in Hulhumale' Phase II and opened for complaints. The list's release stirred significant controversy, with allegations of points being awarded in violation of grading policies and complaint submission restrictions that may provide undue benefits to specific individuals.

President-elect's Office Spokesperson Mohamed Firzul Abdulla Khaleel, told reporters today that there is significant public concern over flat allocation. He said while only a short time remains before the new government takes over administration and amid much public concern, it is unfair to allocate the flats in haste. Therefore, he asked the government to postpone the allocation of flats for the time being and hand over the task to the incoming government.

Firzul further said the new government should have the opportunity to investigate and take action if the flats were allocated in violation of policies or unfairly.

“The president-elect is of the view that it is not fair to take no action or ignore these issues when injustice is happening in the face of injustice,” Firzul said.

Firzul emphasized that addressing the housing problem in the Maldives is a top priority for the incoming government. They intend to complete the housing policy initiatives started by the current government to benefit the people at the earliest, he said, adding that the president-elect is committed to delivering effective and complete solutions to the age-old housing issue in the Maldives.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to express my full hope, confidence, and assurance to the people of MAldiives that the President-elect will deliver complete and effective solutions to the age-old housing problem in line with his pledges,” Firzul said.