Planning Ministry responds to Dr. Muizzu's pledge on rent reduction for flats

The Planning Ministry has responded to the PPM-PNC presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's recent pledge to reduce rent on flats developed at the Gaakoshi and Old Arabiyya compound in Male' City.

The development of flats in these two locations was initiated during the presidency of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

At a recent campaign rally, Dr. Muizzu said flats should be allocated under social housing at an affordable price. Therefore, there should be no difficulties or compulsion to pay for a flat, he said.

Responding to Muizzu's remarks, Planning Ministry's State Minister Akram Kamaluddin said the flats were rented out at their current rates during Dr. Muizzu's tenure as Housing Minister. He stated that individuals residing in these flats were forced to take high-interest loans due to the lack of other housing options.

"It is regrettable that such false statements are being made to influence voters. People had to resort to high-interest loans because they had no alternative means to secure housing. This government has provided relief to them," Akram said.

Akram also shared on Twitter a video of a speech by Dr.Muizzu as the Housing Minister, stating that the price of the flats in Arabiyya and Gaakoshi was justified. He further said the cost of the flats increased due to a "deal" made after Muizzu took over as Housing Minister following the overthrow of President Nasheed's government and stalled the project for an extensive period. Critizing Muizzu, he described the presidential candidate as a "two-faced individual".