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Guesthouses Maldives Conference: SEADOO, M7 signs as partners

  • Conference to take place in September
  • A conference for the guesthouses business
  • 300 functioning guesthouses in the Maldives

SEADOO and M7 Enterprises Pvt Ltd have signed as jet ski and printing partners of Guesthouses Maldives Conference 2016, respectively.

The Managing Director of Maldives Getaways Akhmeem Abdul Razzaq has stated that the conference will be attended not only by local guesthouse owners, but also by travel agencies from overseas.

"A lot of parties who cater to the guesthouses business in the Maldives are to partake in the conference as partners," he said. He also stated that the conference mainly aims to provide those looking to increase their connections and networking, in the guesthouses business, with the opportunity to engage with existing and new prospects.

Guesthouses Conference 2016 is to be held on 24th September 2016 at Villa College.

Guesthouse Conference Partners

  • Endorsing Partner: MMPRC
  • Endorsing Partner: MIRA
  • Online News Partner: Avas Online
  • Marine Partner: Hassan Marine
  • Boat Building Partner: Al Shaali Marine Maldives
  • Telecom Partner: Dhiraagu
  • Fuel Partner: Fuel Supply Maldives
  • TV Partner: PSM
  • Printing Partner: M7
  • Jet-ski Partner: SEADOO

The guesthouses business is highly promising in the Maldives, with currently over 500 guesthouses - 300 of the guesthouses functioning and open for business.

The online media partner for Guesthouses Maldives Conference is Avas Online.