Crystal Sands guesthouse switches to full solar power

Crystal Sands - one of the most prominent and lauded guesthouses at Kaafu atoll Maafushi - becomes the first ever hospitality outlet in Maldives to use solar power.

In a mail to Avas Online, Crystal Sands confirmed their guesthouse at the 'Guesthouse Island' will be powered fully by solar energy instead of conventional electricity.

Crystal Sands have employed solar panels on the guesthouse venue's roof which will be providing power for all of its rooms.

"The power needed for all of our in-house needs and the 18 rooms of the guesthouse are produced through these [solar] panels," Crystal Sands noted.

Though Crystal Sands become the first ever guesthouse to completely drop conventional electricity, several resorts and other guesthouses utilize solar powered energy; however not completely.

Recipient of multiple travel and tourism related awards, Crystal Sands is considered one of the finest guesthouse venues operating currently in Maldives.