Abdulla Jihad

Will increase flights to China: VP

Vice President Abdullah Jihad has stated that he will seek to increase the flights between China and Maldives.

Vice President made the statements in the meeting held with Mayor of Suzhou, China, His Excellency Qu Futian.

During the call, the Vice President highlighted that 2016 marks the 44th anniversary since bilateral relations were established between Maldives and China. Additionally, the Vice President and the Mayor of Suzhou discussed further strengthening the existing ties between the two nations in tourism, commerce, culture, education and health.

China is one of the largest markets for Maldivian Tourism, the Vice President said, noting that regular flights between the two countries, with an effort to increase such flights, could potentially increase opportunities for Chinese tourists to visit the Maldives.

While the Mayor of Suzhou indicated that the number of tourists from China, to the Maldives, had almost doubled between 2014 and 2015, the Vice President expressed his hope that the number would increase significantly this year as well.

In addition the Vice President and the Mayor discussed climate change and the importance of working together in order to overcome such challenges.

National carrier Maldivian operates regular flights to various destinations in China.