Ahmed Thariq

FAM audit issues due to systematic issues: Tom

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) President Ahmed Thoriq (Tom) has stated that the issues in FAM audit had risen due to systematic issues.

Responding to the question in a press conference held today in FAM, Tom said many audits had been completed by the time he was elected to the position. He said the many of the issues noted in the audit reports were not intentional but rather a systematic issue.

He said he had begun reforms in FAM, which will take some time. He said that he will seek to change the antiquated organizational system in FAM.

"FAM's new strategic plan is being developed by an international partner. Under it a five to six member Committee will be formed to carry out the plan," Tom said.

Tom said the company drafting the strategic plan will be revealed later on, adding that the company does strategic planning for international sporting associations and sports ministries of various nations.