Tom responds to Herbet's allegations

Football Association of Maldives (FAM) President has responded to the allegations by former national team coach Ricki Herbert, following his resignation.

Speaking in the press conference held in FAM, Tom said the allegations that he had a political agenda were untrue and that those allegations against him made by the Coach were baseless allegations.

"I met the coach once. On the second day after my election, the Coach said he wished to resign. He then left. So he had no time to asses me," the former national team forward said.

Tom said the Coach had no place in commenting on who was elected to the position at FAM.

"The Coach does not have the authority to asses if the person is a political person or not. Whether he supports the Government or not. That's not the responsibility of the Coach. His comments after resignation clearly showed that he was focused towards FAM elections, not the national team," Tom said.

Following his resignation, Herbert had released a statement saying that the delayed FAM elections negatively impacted FAM. He added that FAM had not provided any support or assistance to him, adding that Tom had a political agenda.