BML launches BML MobilePay

Bank of Maldives (BML) has launched BML MobilePay. The service was launched in a ceremony held in Champa Central Hotel.

BML said the BML MobilePay is an easy and quick way to make purchases at merchant outlets and send money to individuals via the customer’s smartphone. It is and safe and secure method which does not require the customers to give out their card details.

All BML card holders are eligible for the service and will have to download the “BML MobilePay” app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Commenting at the launch, BML CEO and MD Andrew Healy said, “One year ago this month, we launched the country’s first Mobile Banking App with the promise that it would make banking easier, that it would give you banking at your fingertips. And today we’re introducing an exciting new product that will make your banking even easier, that will give you fast payments at your fingertips.”

BML MobilePay creates a pre-paind account which can be topped up through transfers from a customer’s main account. Customers can then register for the service using their debit or credit card. Once registered, all customer cards will be integrated into the BML MobilePay app.

Customers with NFC enabled smartphones need to tap their phones at POS terminals to process payment. Non-NFC devices can also be used to make payments. Customers need to provide their mobile phone number which, once entered to the POS terminal, will generate a request on the phone to authorize payment. Funds will only be debited from customer’s BML MobilePay account once they confirm the payment on the app.