Velezinee files case to declare MUO as terror group

Aishath Velezinee, former President Mohamed Nasheed's appointee to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), says that she intends to file case in Court to declare that the Maldives United Opposition (MUO), formed by opposition figures, is a terror organization.

In a Facebook post, Velezinee said that MUO was formed to divert public attention from the various crimes committed by former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Shaheed. She said she will file the case in international courts adding that justice will be sought for the crimes.

Velezinee alleged that Nasheed had contravened article 258 of the Constitution, which states that when the Constitution was implemented, all Judges except Chief Justice will be in place until a decision is made. Velezinee said the Judges were sworn in 2010 against this Article.

Velezinee had previously said that she was appointed as JSC member by deception and that Nasheed had no intentions of reforming the judiciary. She said that any and all members of the MUO can be labelled as terrorists, adding that Nasheed can present any narrative to Commonwealth but not in front of any court of law.

MUO Spokesperson Imthiyaz Fahmy was unavailable for comment on Velezinee's statements.