Court orders issued for Nasheed, Akram, Dr. Jameel

Criminal Court has issued an order to arrest former President Mohamed Nasheed, former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed and former State Minister in Nasheed's cabinet Akram Kamaluddin.

Police have confirmed the order had been issued.

A statement released by Police said that firstly Nasheed had in effect fled from his 13-year jail term, after he secured a release for medical treatment. Secondly, Police said Nasheed was a person of interest in the case on the MVR 1.8 million misappropriated from the state, as noted in 2011 audit report.

Nasheed had sought asylum from UK and is presently in Sri Lanka.

Police said orders were issued for Jameel and Akram in connection to the trumped up court order for the arrest of President Yameen. Police said that the two had been granted many opportunities to respond to the allegations and had been given many instructions and warnings to surrender to Police but had not done so. Both currently live in London.

Dr. Jameel was scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka but had not done so.

Police had also issued a final warning to Kerafa Naseem, a senior opposition figure and former Foreign Minister at Nasheed's cabinet.