Police search Canaryge, attempt to enter Eva's home

  • Home searched on suspicion of coup plot
  • Search warrant sought based on intelligence information
  • No evidence found in residence, Eva says

Police last night conducted a search operation on former President Mohamed Nasheed's residence G. Canaryge, on suspicion of planning a coup to oust the President. Police had also attempted to search G. Nilaaveli, adjacent to G. Canaryge, the residence of MP Eva Abdullah, who is a niece of Nasheed.

Police had not been able to enter the residence as it was locked and it has been reported the MP Eva does not live in that house.

MP Eva had tweeted a picture of the Court Order carried by the search team.

The warrant read that police entered the house to obtain evidence related to allegations that a coup to overthrow a legally elected government was being plotted inside the house, in addition to plots to incite violence and compromise the peace in capital. The warrant also said it was made based on intelligence reports. MP Eva said the Police had reported that no such evidence was found in the residence and that they will issue a document stating this.

Police had also confirmed they had searched the residence, adding the search was conducted as part of an investigation.