Commonwealth envoy arrives in Maldives for second visit

The Special Envoy of the Commonwealth Secretary General Dr. Willy Mutunga has arrived in the Maldives for his second visit. He arrived yesterday.

The Government had not publicized the details of his visit. Foreign Ministry had said that Dr. Mutunga had met Foreign Minister Mohamed Asim.

Sources say the Envoy will remain in the Maldives for a week and will meet concerned stakeholders prior to his departure on Friday.

Dr. Mutunga had been at the receiving end of severe criticism following a tweet he posted after his first trip to the country. In that tweet, Dr. Mutunga noted that he had seen the beauty of the country and the successes the country enjoyed on the health sector. He noted the calm and peace in the capital, with just two vehicles in the Presidential motorcade.

Opposition MDP figures said the envoy did not see the dark side of the Maldives and that it was saddening. They also said that it was deeply regrettable the envoy did not see the struggle for democracy and independence by hundreds.

In reponse Mutunga thanked the feedback he received, calling them constructive and helpful.