Dr. Mohamed Muiz

Construction boom shows economic progress: Muizz

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizz says the construction boom shows progress of the economic sector.

Speaking in the launching ceremony of Damas "One Avenue" in Hotel Jen Monday evening, Dr. Muizz said in addition to the progress for the economic sector, this signified a boost for the construction industry.

"After President Yameen became President, work with MACI had pushed this sector forward. As per his manifesto, he has worked to bolster the construction sector. As a result the sector had developed," Muizz said.

Housing Minister said this progress has translated to a boost in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

"We can see this from the drawings submitted and the number of buildings constructed, the permits issued. So [we] welcome the work carried out by private sector at this time," he said.

Minister said that he wanted to see the nation prosper and develop, with both public and private sector participating in the effort.