Proceedings begin against individuals ordered to payback funds

The State has begun proceedings against individuals who had been ordered to pay back the money pilfered from state accounts as proven by the audit reports.

Finance Ministry has published a list of seven individuals who had been ordered to pay back the amounts. Former President Mohamed Nasheed and Ahmed Naseem Foreign Minister in Nasheed's cabinet were listed.

Former Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, former Home Minister Mohamed Shihab, former Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam, Sheikh Hussain Rasheed Ahmed and former Commissioner General at Customs Mohamed Aswan are listed as well.

Finance Ministry had not revealed the full details of the amount owed in total and by individuals. Only Dr. Shaheed had paid back.

Finance Ministry Director Ahmed Aiman today said the deadline given to the seven individuals had expired, adding that relevant bodies were in the process of implementing measures on them.

A statement released by the Ministry said in the event the individuals failed to pay within the set time, they will forward the case to AG office. The Ministry initiated the measures in line with the recommendations issued in audit reports made by Auditor General and ACC investigative reports.

Both Auditor General and ACC have revealed that state accounts were pilfered during former President Mohamed Nasheed's tenure.