Tolerance is key for diversity, unity in Islam, says Maldives VP

Vice President Abdulla Jihad Saturday stressed on the need to inculcate tolerance in order to embrace diversity and unity in Islam, we need to inculcate tolerance.

Speaking during the first International conference on Islamic Awakening towards diverse but unified societies, held at Islamic University of the Maldives on Saturday, the VP noted that regardless of ethnicity, nationality, race or gender, the world will be a more harmonious place if it learns to humbly empathize with one another and understand the existence of others.

The Vice President shed light on how Islam enables to maintain diverse but unified societies.

He stated that the Muslim ummah is bounded by common adherence to the spiritual values of Islam revealed in the Quran and Sunnah.

He also stated that it is our unwavering obedience to Allah and his prophet that holds Muslims together.

During his speech, the Vice President shed light on the current global challenges faced by the Muslim ummah and stated that Islam is inherently a pacifist faith that condemns all form of divisiveness and violence to settle disputes.

He further stated that Islam recognizes and respects other faiths and encourages tolerance on all levels.

Additionally, the Vice President highlighted that we as a Muslim ummah need to make our civilization more pluralistic and exemplary so the world may have lessons to learn from us.