Unity key to withstand threats against Muslims, says Maldives VP

A united Muslim community will better withstand internal and external threats for the survival, prosperity and progress of Muslims across the globe, Maldives' vice president Abdulla Jihad said Saturday.

Addressing the third International conference on Islamic Awakening which was held at Islamic University of the Maldives on Saturday morning, the VP indicated that the theme of this year’s conference “The role of Islamic thought, culture and civilization in building peace, harmony and tolerance in South Asia” is a significant topic to be deliberated for the sake of uniting the Muslim communities throughout the world.

He noted that the most critical challenge facing Muslims was the lack of tolerance towards each other which in turn creates dispute and disharmony all around the world.

Speaking in this regard, the VP called upon the people to learn lessons from the migration of Prophet Muhammed to Madina which demonstrates the importance of unity and tolerance in Islam irrespective of religion, culture or civilization.

Jihad also highlighted that the theme of this years' conference is especially relevant to the situation of Maldives currently experiencing a democracy era.

The VP reminded that as per the constitution, Islam remains the basis of all the laws in Maldives which proves the significance of Islam and Sharia in Maldives.

He further called upon the people to be more responsible in practicing freedom of expression and deliberated that the broad objective of expression is to spread love, tolerance and social harmony and understanding among the members of the society to create a peaceful coexistence.

The International conference on Islamic Awakening is an annual conference organized by the Islamic University of Maldives in collaboration with the International Institute for Islamic Thoughts.