More European charter flights to Maldives south

  • SriLankan flights have begun
  • Addu tourism expected to grow
  • Seaplane terminal to be built

Tourism Ministry has announced plans to arrange more charter flights from Europe to Gan International Airport in the southernmost Atoll Addu.

Deputy tourism minister Hussein Lareer told Avas that it had been decided to arrange direct flights to Gan International Airport.

"It is difficult to say which flights at this point, but more flights will be arriving next January," Liraar said.

He said that it will be a boost to the Addu economy once the projects undergoing in the Gan International Airport are completed.

"A new city hotel will be built in Addu. This will increase beds and it will increase flights. Many people are expected to travel to Addu as well," Liraar said.

While the Tourism Ministry has said that preparations are being made to increase flights, SriLankan's direct flights to Addu have started.

Liraar said that once the flights start, tourism in the entire sector will benefit and that flights to Gan are being started after a major revamp of the airport.. Gan International Airport has seen its runway expanded by 3,400 meters, widened by 60 meters.

Gan Airport has also previously had charter flights from Europe. However, the recent upgrades allows for much more to be done in the larger space. The recent upgrades also include a seaplane base. This base will be operated by TMA.