Tourism firm to market 'unique' Maldives

Despite a government pushed effort to increase bed capacity with the opening of a number of new resorts, tourist arrivals has recently been on the slide.

Top tourism industry officials have long clamored for a new approach to market the archipelago, globally renowned as an upmarket tourist destination boasting sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters.

Maldives' main tourism promotion company has realized the need for a new strategy to attract tourists to meet the boost in tourist resorts in the island nation.

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) acting managing director Haaris Mohamed during an interview with Avas said the firm would look to market the uniqueness of the Maldives to existing and new markets.

"This is a brand new approach. To share the unique products and stories online to attract potential holidaymakers. The aim is to boost interest in the Maldives. We are looking to produce what the tourists can do and expect once they land in the Maldives," Haaris explained.

The new plan includes video spots of the making of various cultural products unique to the Maldives.

"The video would show the traditional method of making them. We are primarily looking at products made using locally available raw material. The video would show to the world what Maldives has that they can't find anywhere else in the world," he added.

The government late last year had sought the expertise of various tourism industry stakeholders in a joint effort to change the marketing approach.