Five percent rise in Maldivians to Sri Lanka last year

Sri Lanka tourism statistics have shown a five percent rise in Maldivians to its neighbours last year in comparison with 2015.

The agency which monitors tourism statistics in Sri Lanka said a total 95,167 people had visited Sri Lanka from the Maldives out of which 90,617 were Maldivians.

The statistics released by the agency also show that this is a fiver percent increase from the amount of Maldivians who visited Sri Lanka in 2015.

Statistics reveal that Maldives is the country with the 6th highest number of visitors to Sri Lanka, with the number one visitor for last year being India.

Sri Lanka is the home of many Maldivians, and it is the ideal location of many Maldivians to make their holidays or to seek medical treatment. A survey done by the Maldivian central bank, MMA revealed that 1,574 Maldivians travelled to Sri Lanka between the 18th and 24th of December last year.