Maldives aims to enhance 'total experience' for tourist boost

Maldives' main tourism promotion company has planned to train various stakeholders in the tourism industry in a bid to offer tourists a 'total experience' of the archipelago.

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) acting managing director Haaris Mohamed during an interview with Avas last week said the company would look to enhance the experience of tourists in the Maldives as part of the plans to revise its tourism promotion strategy.

"This is something new we're looking to implement. Things we can do to improve the total experience of visitors," Haaris explained.

He said MMPRC would look to offer special training to immigration officials, customs, airport reps, staff of all department in resorts and guesthouses throughout the island nation.

"From the time tourists land in Maldives to the moment they say goodbye, we would specially train everyone they interact with along this chain. We are currently planning out both external and internal training. We've found that the deciding factor of most tourists is what other visitors say about their experience in the Maldives. Word of mouth. So this is something we can easily improve without any cost," Haaris detailed.

Top tourism industry officials have long clamored for a new approach to market the archipelago, globally renowned as an upmarket tourist destination boasting sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters.

MMPRC had recently announced a new strategy to attract tourists to meet the boost in tourist resorts in the island nation.

The new plan includes video spots of the making of various cultural products unique to the Maldives.

"This is a brand new approach. To share the unique products and stories online to attract potential holidaymakers. The aim is to boost interest in the Maldives. We are looking to produce what the tourists can do and expect once they land in the Maldives," Haaris had said.