Child left brain dead after accident in Kalaadhoo island

An accident in Laamu Atoll Kalaadhoo island has left a 14 year old child brain dead after suffering severe head trauma.

State run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) said doctors had declared the victim brain dead and given up hope of recovery. The accident had occurred at 3:00 AM on Sunday.

Kalaadhoo council member Hussein Khaleel, said two children aged 14 and another child aged 13 had gone out for a spin on motorcycles during midnight, which had resulted in the accident.

No personal information has been revealed about the injured victim.

"The three students attend the same school. They were riding motorcycles during midnight when two of them crashed into each other and the accident occurred. They were both treated in the medical center, before the child who was seriously injured was sent to Male for further care," Khaleel said.

IGMH Public Relations and Media Unit Director, Ahmed Mausoom said that there was no activity in the brain of the injured child, and that he was now breathing with the help of ventilators.

Mausoom further said that doctors had given up hope of a recovery, and that the family had been notified.

The second child injured in the accident remains in stable condition.