ADK hospital closes flu clinic after patient numbers decline

Privately-run ADK Hospital on Thursday closed its flu clinic set up to handle the influx of patients over the H1N1 epidemic over the continually declining patient numbers.

Statistics released on Wednesday revealed that the clinic had treated only 108 patients, while none needed to be admitted. Over 200 patients had flocked to the clinic daily after the initial outbreak of of the flu.

ADK had setup the flu clinic after shutting down its general OPD services, which will now resume as the flu clinic closes.

ADK Hospital will still continue to provide the service of H1N1 vaccinations to patients over the age of 65, suffering from any form of cancer, have prosthetic limbs, are being treated for long time respiratory illnesses or are conducting dialysis.

The Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) flu clinic operating out of Thaajudheen School still continues to treat patients. The flu clinics were opened in two locations in Male and in Hulhumale in the past week after the surge in the spread of various viral fevers and the common cold, along with an outbreak of the H1N1 virus more commonly known as the swine flu.