Govt to again reopen schools after flu outbreak

Government has announced that all public schools would reopen next Sunday after the flu outbreak.

After schools reopened last Monday, Health Protection Agency (HPA) had urged to keep schools closed until the epidemic was under control and ministry had announced to close schools until further notice.

Education ministry has stated that HPA now given the green light to reopen schools as the flu rate is steadily receding.

Ministry also noted that arrangements will be made to make up for lost lessons after schools reopen this Sunday.

Schools in the capital Male, Villimale, Hulhumale, Haa Dhaal Atoll Kulhudhuhfushi, Raa Atoll Inguraidhoo and Ungoofaaru were closed due to the swine flu outbreak.

While HPA has approved of reopening schools, its statistics show that 222 people have been found positive for H1N1 while it has claimed the life of six people thus far.

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