HRCM announces deputy commissioner vacancy

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has officially announced a vacancy in the commission to fill the post left by its former vice chair Shafeeq “Histo” Mufeedh, who resigned last week.

Mufeedh resigned on his own accord, and shortly after his resignation, president Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom had appointed him as a state minister at the home ministry.

The deadline for application, according to the post on the government gazette is May 24.

Interested candidates have to submit a police record, a clearance form from the Elections Commission clarifying whether the candidate is involved in any political parties, and a cover letter along with the official application form for the post.

These forms are available on the president’s office website.

There are five commissioners at the human rights commission, appointed by the president. The commissioners will also have to be approved by the parliament.

Aminath Eenas is currently the president of HRCM. She has worked over 15 years in the protection of children’s rights and women’s rights in various government institutions.