Two arrested for eating during daytime in Ramadan

In Neykurendhoo in the northern Haa Dhaalu Atoll on Sunday, two local men were arrested for eating during daytime in Ramadan.

A police media official on Monday revealed that they had to take action against a 24-year-old, and a 36-year-old who were reported to be eating during the day.

The magistrate court in the atoll’s most populous island, Kulhudhuffushi has even remanded the two locals for a week, the police said.

On the first day of the holy month, the police had taken three locals in to custody for blatantly eating during the daytime without having any solid reasons to not fast.

As all Maldivian citizens are Muslims by law, the month of Ramadan is observed throughout the country, by all Maldivians. Over the years, Ramadan festivities have become part of the Maldivian culture, with many locals decorating their homes, stores offering special promotions and restaurants running special menus throughout the month. Further, most restaurants are also closed during the daytime in Ramadan.

The police have urged all Maldivian citizens to be respectful of these practices and traditions and to be more honest and sincere throughout this month.

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