Top ruling party lawmaker reiterates backing for minister

Top ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) lawmaker and the party's secretary general Abdulla Khaleel on Tuesday reiterated lawmakers' backing for fisheries minister Dr Mohamed Shainee.

The statement comes after PPM lawmaker Ahmed Thoriq had on his personal Facebook page called for Shainee's immediate resignation.

Thoriq had accused the minister of failing to implement the party's fisheries manifesto and address the concerns and difficulties faced by local fishermen.

"So the its in the best of interest of the people that Shainee steps down as the fisheries minister," Thoriq's Facebook post read.

Khaleel however, insisted that the majority of the PPM parliamentary group had full confidence in the minister who also serves as the chief government representative to the failed all party talks.

Khaleel also responded to claims of incompetence by insisting that Shainee has performed admirably to develop the fisheries sector in the archipelago.