Yonder features Dhivehi songs

The top telecom service provider in Maldives, Dhiraagu has uploaded local songs into the international music platform Yonder Music - in an attempt to boost local creativity and expose fresh talents from the coral island nation.

A special function held at Sheraton Full-moon resort on Tuesday night (August 15) - the chief executive of Dhiraagu Ismail Rasheed highlighted that Yonder Music is the first officially launched music streaming service in the Maldives that will grant the chance for local musicians to show their talents.

"This definitely is a huge boost to the Maldivian music industry that will help to take local talents to international platforms" he said.

Yonder Music's head honcho Adam Kidron spoke about his experience and the revelation of local music to him. He shared his anecdote stating, he had not been aware nor familiar with the local talents, and described the industry; latent.

"I got familiarized with the Maldivian music industry, and it is only after that I had discovered the achievements and advancements the musicians and the industry have achieved. The biggest challenge for Maldivian artists, is the income. With this [Yonder] musicians will be exposed to the international market and receive a fair income out of it" Kidron said on Tuesday night's event.

Yonder Music - a contemporary music streaming service that not only allows a user to download music from an archive of 20 million tunes, but also provides the capability of uploading talent by the users.

Dhiraagu uploaded a total of 500 local songs into Yonder's music library during the launch ceremony.