"Coke 2 Home" mobile app introduces innovative services

The Male' Aerated Water Company produced Coca-Cola has been the top fizzy drink of demand for years, and on Saturday the company introduced their next phase of servicing.

Coca-Cola's "Coke 2 Home" mobile application is their newest product which will allow customers to place requests and orders for the products they wish to purchase without having to dial local contact numbers.

The innovative application was introduced at National Art Gallery on Saturday night by the Deputy Minister Adam Thaufeeq of Ministry of Economic Development.

He praised the company's new product stating it would help reduce the usage of plastic bottles and the introduction of the mobile app is a push towards an environment friendly approach.

General Manager Nilen Derasaria of Coca-Cola stressed the new mobile application is a positive step forward in their work to infuse technology into the services provided.

"Coke 2 Home" an Indian development, is now available from various mobile stores. The application allows customers to order bottled water produced under the company as well. Ordered items will be delivered within a 24 hour window while the application also allows customers to pay for their orders.