BML's service center with innovative touch win hearts

Many of us had come with frustrating faces and pressed teeth from many customer service centers due to their sluggish speed of service delivery. We all have, once or twice fallen victim to sitting idle on a chair for hours until our token flashes on the board - most of the time, at the expense of our busy routines.

For years many have aimed the same criticism and frustration to the nation's official bank, Bank Of Maldives - especially the main service center, loaded with people through work days. But it is evident that our national bank takes heed of customer needs and drives towards complete customer satisfaction.

The evidence is situated in Ameenee Magu, adjacent to Imaaduddin School, at the former "Gaakoshi" which was recently developed and dubbed "Male' Square" - the new customer service frontier comes with state-of-the-art services and gizmos that not only helps us to sit back and relax, but also enjoy a cup of coffee during waiting time.

Recently, I made a visit to the newly opened customer service center, where upon entry I was greeted by one of the staffs who directed me towards a kiosk. Upon entering my national ID card number and selecting my service, an avatar of mine flashed on screen and vanished momentarily. The kind gentleman at the front door politely asked me to take a seat, and I complied.

I had applied to receive a cheque book of which I was not the owner - however through a prior documentation, it was mutually agreed by the bank and the owner, I would be visiting to receive it.

While I was sitting at the service center, I carefully scanned my surrounding, iPad holding staffs of the bank walked from one sofa to the other, where customers just like me sat. I saw the customers wearing genuine smiles, and they left almost immediately as they sat - which I initially presumed for the service not getting completed.

The error of my thought came to a realization when a BML staff came and neatly called me by name, upon my response the staff handed out the cheque book and requested me to simply put a signature on the form under the receiver's column and produced my ID card for them to validate.

I was out and about from the service center under 5 minutes and this has been the shortest period of time I spent at BML branch.

Similarly several customers who had sat before me or after me were leaving the service center with their services completed in that short time frame. A genuine reason for me to be impressed with and I could not help but praise the brilliant innovative touch BML had brought to the customer service field in Maldives.

A fellow coworker of mine had recently visited the same outlet to renew his debit-card. Upon presenting the necessary documents, his query was put into work with the service center staff assuring him to collect the card within five days time. A task that initially consumed several minutes from our bustling lives was now done under a decent 5 minute mark.

BML has marked history by introducing a clever and state-of-the-art game changer in the servicing field that competitors and other service center housing corporations should take as an exemplary rival.

This is not just my own claim, the internet - especially Twitter has showered their love for the easy approach and simplicity in getting their work done and queries met.