Why an event like PASS is important?

On Thursday, one of the leading event organizers in the country - High Rise Maldives - started the very first fair specialized for printing, publishing and marketing firms of the country.

Dubbed "Print and Advertising Service Show" (PASS) saw behemoths in the industry of printing and publishing like M7 Maldives, Novelty Printers and Print Lab while it also saw monolithic marketing and advertising firms like Think Advertising and event management giants like ChopArt and Blak take part in the event.

While larger companies as mentioned took part, publisher houses that are slowly increasing its foothold in the field; such as MV Publications had also delivered information about their products and services to interesting clients and future customers. Other participants had included Feel and Nern, who are new players into the marketing and advertising fields of Maldives.

All of the companies that took part in the event had one thing in common - all of them are closely associated with marketing or advertising.

This is the very first time an event exclusive for corporate players of this industry has received a scope of this caliber, to promote their brands and increase their already large customer base. In addition to this, this had also paved way for small time or startup ventures to expose themselves and formally introduce themselves to corporate magnates and business giants in the country.

Although the turn out was not entirely at expected levels, several interested individuals; entities and corporate offices had shown up at the event seeking attractive opportunities to market and advertise their brands and products.

An event like PASS attempts to place an academic understanding on the importance of utilizing elements like print materials, designing, photography, video or film production as well as event management for companies to boost their public outreach and expand their brand knowledge to the mass.

For any company a successful fiscal year depends on the profit it made from rendering its specific services. To generate such a revenue, a company needs to actively work on increasing its customer base and there is not a better approach than to market the company itself or the services or products catered by it to the public.

Times are changing and local companies are starting to grasp the importance of attracting customers through innovative and fresh approaches in advertising or marketing - while there are still many with conservative ideologies sticking with "if the product is good then it needs no marketing" slogans. However, the economical backdrop is changing along the tide and giving way into the technological advancements of today's world.

PASS acts that bridging channel to bring such corporations in touch with creative outlets that would guarantee them marketing and advertising from all possible channels and angles.

This has resulted in the inception of several new aspects in the field which the untrained or those who are not in the know would not be familiar with and shrug it off as "irrelevant." However there is sound reason why international companies and gargantuan corporations are opting to such methods.

The use of event management firms to design and develop major marketing events for corporations or publicity events in order to gain brand loyalty and following. Outsourcing marketing to firms that are specialized in the creative field in every angle, thus reducing a recurring overhead figure on several staffs at their respective companies. Handing over photography or video production to outlets that are borne of experts in those relative fields to guarantee lavish and unrivaled quality.

PASS acts that bridging channel to bring such corporations in touch with creative outlets that would guarantee them marketing and advertising from all possible channels and angles.

And event of this magnitude would help several individuals, entities, corporations and organizations to openly seek their chances of investing on their representative outlets' marketing. Thus, PASS becomes significant as it helps to levy all the information from one-stop in convenience.