MATATO's Guest House Awards on October 23

Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) has announced the name submission for their Maldives Travel Awards' Guesthouse Edition will be due on September 9.

MATATO states that candidates will get to submit name to a total of 15 different categories under their Guesthouse Edition of Maldives Travel Awards - an initiative hosted by the organization to acknowledge and celebrate the entities and businesses in tourism and hospitality industry of Maldives.

Categories under Guesthouse Edition include:

* Best Guesthouse
* Best Food & Beverage serving Guesthouse
* Leading Eco Friendly - Most Environment Friendly Guesthouse
* Best water sports & diving facilitated Guesthouse
* Leading Business Guesthouse
* Leading Adventure Guesthouse
* Leading Heritage Guesthouse
* Best Guesthouse Brand
* Best transport facilitated Guesthouse
* Most Scenic Beach
* Leading Guesthouse Island
* Newcomer Of The Year
* Leading Business Development Partner for Guesthouse Industry
* Most Supportive Guesthouse

Condition to applying for the Guesthouse Edition awards include a one year operating period for the entity.

Guesthouse Edition of Maldives Travel Awards is slated for October 23.