More lands on lease from "Guesthouse Island"

Unsold land plots at Laamu Atoll Baresdhoo - which is being developed as the "Guesthouse Island" - will be open for leasing from next week onward according to Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation (MITDC).

While addressing media today the corporation's office, Managing Director of MITDC said an information session regarding the leasing process of the unsold plots at Baresdhoo will be hosted on Wednesday next week. Following which, bidding for lands at the Guesthouse Island will be officially open.

The pre-bid information session will be hosted at Hotel Jen.

Previously the Guesthouse Island project was under the oversight of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) - under their banner a total of 16 lands were sold from Baresdhoo. This included a few guesthouses and hotels.

However the state has reassigned the project to newly formed MITDC - which promotes small and medium businesses in tourism - after it was taken from MMPRC's management.

Shahid assured MITDC's concept of proceeding with the project will have a different approach from that of its predecessor.

Baresdhoo dubbed as Guesthouse Island will have more than 30 guesthouse outlets along with several water villas scattered neatly on the island. Each hotel will have a bed capacity of 100 while guesthouses will have room between 25 to 30.

The Guesthouse Island will hold a total bed capacity of 3000 upon completion with the capacity to accommodate more than 5000 tourists at once.

Baresdhoo's project is carried while MITDC has stationed municipal services at the neighboring island of Maakanfushi to cater to the laborers and workers at Guesthouse Island site.

A harbor and quay walls at Baresdhoo have been completed.

According to Shahid, one hotel and 25 guesthouses have already been taken on rent while he further noted, saying "we have about 15 more plots remaining. We are working on leasing those plots to interested parties.

Additionally sports and recreational facilities will be constructed at the island as well. "We are trying to bring paintball to the island [Baresdhoo]. We've received some positive responses regarding that" Shahid said.

The MD of MITDC was quick to emphasize that while the project is under their supervision, top priority will be addressed to local investors.