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Tourist visit hikes to 5.5% in July

Tourism Ministry reports a tourist visit count bump by 5.5% at the end of July 2017.

According to statistical data released by the ministry, Maldives had a total tourist count of 770,715 by the end of July this year which is a 5.5% hike compared to last year's 730,353.

Tourism Ministry had also confirmed that 47% of visits accounted from European markets. A total of 362,354 tourists visited Maldives from European continent which is a 10.8% increase.

Top 10 visitor nations to Maldives so far includes China, Germany, UK, Italy, India, Russia, France, USA, Japan and Switzerland.

The state's push towards a higher visitor count for this year to boost tourism industry has so far been commendable according to the statistics and reports based on travel news websites and blogs.